Saturday, July 30, 2011


Having Chalebrations - of course, there are a lot of people whom I need to be thankful for.

Meet Cherie, from FashionCouSense - a Fashion, Beauty & Travel Blog.
She actually helped me have this blog done. When I was really having a hard time fixing my blog / blog design - she was there to guide me and still guiding me whenever I have questions. Thank you.
We have known each other since grade school days. She was one of my brightest classmates back then. Jack of all trades. She was an artist - who can draw Pocahontas when we were grade 6, hahaha wink. She can sing, dance and do oratorical speech or any form of public speaking. She was really good. She have won a lot of contests and quiz bees and more. She was one of the class officers if I can remember and one of the representatives for Student Council. Even before - she was very active and very visible. She's really smart, funny and ever down to earth. 

Now since her blog is more on fashion, beauty and travel - I think this is a great opportunity for all of us to you know find time reading it especially when we are busy with work and extra curricular activities and didn't have time to choose on what to wear on casual days or on parties or for work or outside work. Its really important to present ourselves in the best possible way. This is actually one of the best guides for fashion, beauty and travel plus you may have a chance to win some prizes and can help others too since they are supporting a charity / foundation. You may find the man of your dreams by just somehow getting ideas / following some of her tips on how to dress up and how to be prim and proper - if you're still searching and/or your man will always be amazed when you compliment the type of your body and dress for them ; and when that time comes - FashionCouSense and Chalebrations will be so happy to hear that from you. haha!

I know Cherie, this is just a small way of saying thank you - for being there when I needed you. More Power on your FABULOUS blog and Continue to inspire others. Cheers! Love, from your Chalebrations family.hihi