Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hello friends! I'm back. Its 3am and I still cant sleep. Had a good night with my forever friends - Alyz & Jerome (SundayCoupleBrunch), Tina & Joe, Bandoja Twins, & Gerard. Been to Tenorio's Residence because we have celebrated Tito Armando's Birthday. Woot. From Lipa to Bergamo hahaha to Kamagong St. to Paseo de Magallanes and back, it was a longgggg Saturday. 
I woke up this morning went to Grace's place, checked the sounds and mobile then when to Kodak to fix some photos then Starbucks to meet Mike,waited for Deanna then went to Pasay Rd. to meet Alyz. From Bergamo we went straight to Merlene Marcelo's Couture/Shop at Kamagong St. We were kinda lost, or should I say we really didnt know the exact location until we finally arrived at the shop. Was caught in the middle of traffic too but didnt get bored coz we (Mike & I) missed Alyz so much & we didnt realize - umikot na kami ng umikot sa Kamagong kasi nalampasan ata namin ang shop ni Merlene! hahahah. We were busy catching up and shoot si kuya kala nya alm namin kina Merlene hihihih. & so we have arrived. Had our gown fitting. It was fun. Okrayan to the maxxxx. Si Merlene tumambling ke Alyz coz bangka na naman sa okrayan si ganda. Love the colors and designs. Love the shop. Love Love the idea of someone's getting married soon. So there, we saw the bride and groom to be - Tina and Joe, although, Alyz is actually getting married sooner than Tina's - a week before Tina's W, and saw Maj too from Gembso by Majella - one great wedding coordinator. Of course, after 48years Bandoja Twins' did arrive. Got their designs and had gown fitting then went to grab some meal at Pancake House in Paseo de Magallanes. Yum! I had Classic Country Pancakes and Mike got Sunrise Steak, then Alyz with her special waffles and Jerome's had clubhouse sandwich, Tina got Salisbury's Steak and Joe had some Pancakes too and the twins had pasta. After having satisfied at PH, we went to Starbucks to have some cup of coffee brought to you by Joe hihihih. Thank you Joe! hihihi. Of course it was a great meal (@PH - Pancake House) because it was again after so long that me and my childhood bestfriends had seen each other. Everyone's busy with their own jobs, businesses and events and so it's time to catch up.

I always love the idea of someone's getting married especially if they are close to you and you're part of the entourage. Its also overwhelming that even though I already got married I still have the chance to be part of my bestfriend's wedding entourage. Gowns are a bit pricey I know but deep in my heart, mahal man sha you'll do everything to make your friend's Wedding super bongga - even bongga from your own Wedding. & Even if you're not the bride, it feels like you're also a bride! hahaha Crazy but true. It had been a year since I got married and now that my friends are also getting married, I am happy for them coz they are now organizing their own Wedding and finally they have met their beast and frog prince! hahahaha. Sounds really EXCITING especially if everythings happening according to plan. 

We have been friends for more than a decade now and seeing us in this level of maturity or phase of life is really AMAZING! I am always thankful that though we don't see each other as often as we would loved to we still find time to gather and catch up things and still the same persons when we were younger. Amen. Now we miss Mona and Bonsai for not being there due to work and other responsibilities. Wish we could share the best of both worlds.