Sunday, July 10, 2011


Meet Gia and this was her 7th Birthday Party with Chalebrations Family. I would like to Thank you SAM & MONIQUE ENTERPRISES for making EVERYTHING possible.

Its true that Hannah Montana ROCKS! I never have known Miley Cyrus was the girl behind Hannah Montana until we had an event in PonteFino themed after Hannah Montana. haha! I know right. But please don't get me wrong, I know Miley's songs and some of  the lyrics. Thanked YouTube & Google for all the facts I have researched and gathered. It was indeed a super FUN experience & I have met a lotttttt of wonderful people too. Again, this event had really taught me a lot things, including loving purple over pink.

These are the highlights of this event.
1. 7 crazy gifts - symbolic gifts from her classmates from Stonyhurst
2. 7 popping balloons - from her friends and relatives.
3. 7 rocking wishes - from her closest cousins and grandma and mom
4. 7 cool shades - from cool family members like cool grandpa and cool dad.

10 things I love about this EVENT.
1. Love the VENUE - PonteFino is the place to be. If you are staying in Batangas and you still dont have the venue for your event, either you go to Britz, or Baylosis or PonteFino. Of course there are some other venues but if you like great ambiance go to these places.

2. Love the BALLOONS and DECOR. Everything seemed perfect and hannah montana-ish. SAM & MONIQUE ENTERPRISES is THE BEST!

3. Love the KIDS!!! - they were really into Hannah Montana/Pop/Rockstar theme. They were wearing their beautiful outfit and dressed like a glam rockstar!! They were english speaking too! hahaha. Most of the kids were from Stonyhurst Southville International School and Everyone was participating on games and on-the-spot-trivia

4. LOVE the SERENATA Kids - I used to be a choir member and part of a choral group and I have remembered my childhood singing days when I saw them. Love the Energy! Love the Talent! Love the VOICE. I have never seen them before or have watched them before but they were really awesome. I suggest that you enroll your kids to SERENATA Music Center in Batangas if they have the talent in singing and dancing or even if they dont have the talent - They will eventually shine after enrolling for some classes. 

5. LOVE LOVE the CAKE & CUPCAKES - Meet Fadge Cravings. Super LOVE the design and its MASARAP too! Well, for themed CAKEs and CUPCAKEs go for them!

6. LOVE the PHOTOBOOTH! - Love KODAK because It's time to SMILE. Tarp was perfect too since it was personalized by Gia's parents.

7. LOVE the GOWNs - Gia's gown was from the princess of all gowns Miss Lauren Berberabe. It's true that she has the talent of creating beautiful gowns. love the color and the design.

8. I HEART the PHOTO GALLERY and Life Size Standee - Well, for a 7year-old-birthday-party, this was really bongga. I heart the Long legged tables hahaha. Thank you PonteFino.

9. I HEART the HOST - Meet Joan Hernandez. One talented woman =)

10. LOVE LOVE the FAMILY. - Thank you for a very humbling experience. Love your kids and Love Miss Maan. hihihi. Really nice family. Thank you!
Until our next party! See you soon.

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