Sunday, July 31, 2011


Its really amazing how FACEBOOK works.
First - you can add your friends and those friends can like your page.
Some people would have thought that when you like the page, that's it. Well, for an Entrepreneur like me, who's actually a newbie, it's nice to see that efforts in e-marketing and social networking like facebook works and I'll show you how.
First - when you create a FAN PAGE that will give you current insights or page overview.
Of course, at first - when we were just starting at Chalebrations, the percentage is not that high. well, at least somehow there's an improvement from March/April to present. wink
Second - you can also promote your account/page by creating an Ad & that has an overview too!
Facebook really has a lot to offer - from social life to business.
But for now - this is the only thing I can afford. wink
See the details from Mar/April to present time.
Thank you for helping me promote our Facebook account-by LIKING the PAGE and SHARING it to friends =)))

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