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Prenuptial Shoot
These shoots are usually conducted in venues that are unique and different. Most couples choose to have their prenuptial shoots so that they would already have a picture that would remind them of their engagement, on their wedding day.

The Essence of a Prenuptial Shoot
These prenuptial photos and videos border more on the creative side, usually to showcase the couple’s personality as a whole. Such photos often portray a dreamy or whimsical feel, which leaves the audience engaged with a giddy feeling. The pictures are displayed and a slideshow is shown to everyone during the wedding reception.
In this generation, prenup shoots are more creative, hiring professional photographers and videographers to capture fun and quirky moments between the couple. From simple in-studio photo sessions, prenuptial photo shoots have evolved and made it’s way outside the four walls of the studio and into more “natural” destinations. The demand for photo shoots in creative settings remains to be the trending choice in terms of prenuptial shoots.

Prenuptial Shoots at Club Balai Isabel
Offering a diverse landscape providing photographers with a picturesque backdrop, Club Balai Isabel is a world class resort located only a short drive away from Manila. The resort is strategically located in Talisay, Batangas and is the only one of its kind offering a closer view of the Taal volcano. Because of this, Club Balai Isabel remains to be a popular destination for a prenup photo shoot.

Romantic Shots by the Lake
With the resort located right along the shores of the Taal Lake, Club Balai Isabel boasts of an incredible setting for a prenup photo shoot. The resort‘s famous spots include the Pantalan sa Terraza and Pantalan sa Mobideep docks as well as the Kumintang boardwalk which line the resort’s shoreline.The old wooden structure of the docks adds a rustic and romantic feel which is perfect for a prenup shoot. No matter what picture is taken at the lakeshore of the resort, the Taal volcano will always be in full view, contributing to a scenic and gorgeous background. Sunsets at Club Balai Isabel are not to be missed as well.

Smile with Nature
Blessed with abundant trees and sprawling greens, the resort also features architecturally landscaped gardens that would perfectly complement an outdoor and whimsical theme. With the vast greens that surround the gardens, every picture is a good one. Both the Kumintang and the Talisay Gardens at Club Balai Isabel offer a very natural venue, where couples can lie down on the grass and get creative with their poses.

Choosing the Chapel
An unconventional prenuptial photo shoot location, the Spousal of Mary and Joseph Chapel is a marvelous structure found right on the resort’s grounds. A few minutes walk away from the Kumintang Gardens, the chapel’s beautiful exterior and interior makes for a perfect prenuptial shot. With venues ranging from the chapel grounds to the bell tower, the Spousal of Mary and Joseph Chapel is also a popular choice to include in prenuptial photo shoots.

Prenuptial Packages
With the growing popularity of Club Balai Isabel as a prenuptial photo shoot destination, the resort now offers a prenuptial package giving the couple and their team of photographers full access to Club Balai Isabel’s facilities. One whole day of admission, unlimited admittance to the resort’s first-class amenities, lunch package for the team and discounted room rates comprise the wedding prenuptial package.

With its diverse landscape and affordable prenuptial photo shoot package, Club Balai Isabel helps alleviate the stress from actual wedding preparation by letting couples enjoy themselves with their prenup photo and video shoots before the actual wedding.

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