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Rio and Brian’s relationship was something unexpected. They started as strangers turned acquaintance then became friends and eventually lovers. But nobody would’ve thought that they would end up together. They both working in the same hospital but they belong in different departments. They hardly see each other and no words were exchanged between them.
The first time that Brian ever saw her was his first day of his job. She left a massive impression on him because of her beautiful and kind smile and her wit. He grew curious about her. He wanted to know more about Rio so he started asking about her to their common friends. But for Rio, she had never saw Brian before but she’s been hearing about him through her friends. When she first saw him, the first thought that came to her mind was he’s the happy go lucky person that likes to play around with girls. But at the same time she can’t help but agree with her friends, he is good looking and he smells good and that’s one of her weaknesses.

Brian know about her more but his situation that time didn’t allow him, his chance came after two years, their circumstances changed. He took that chance and invited her to his birthday and if it wasn’t for that faithful day, they wouldn’t be where they are now. Rio started to get to know who Brian really is. She realized how wrong her impression of him was. He wasn’t a playboy. He was very understanding and caring towards the people around him. After his birthday, Brian asked for her number and through text messages they became friends. He was there for her through her ups and downs. After a while, Brian asked Rio for a cup of coffee even though there was a lot risks and it was ackward for them but on that day, he realized that they have a connection. She understands him in a way that nobody can. He made her laugh like no one can and wiped her tears when she was crying. She became his motivation to work and improve himself. Unknowingly, they developed feeling for each other. After a few months of courting, they officially became a couple.

They were polar opposites of each other but who else would be able to understand them in this world? They were each other’s half. They were like a yin and yang. They were opposites but they work the best with each other. They felt secured and comfortable with each other. It was as if they needed each other like a man needs to breathe and like how Adam needed Eve. So when Brian asked her to marry him in front of his family while eating burgers and without a ring, she said yes without a hint of hesitation. Rio wasn’t planning of letting him go any time soon, for her it was perfect and they started preparing for their wedding just like that. But who said Brian can’t be romantic? A few months later, he knelt down in front of Rio as strangers as his witness  asking her to marry him but this time with a ring on his hand…

Sharing these lovely engagement photos of one of my favorite couples;) There are couples who are made for each other, I believe they are one of them. :)

Engagement Stylist: Aira Franco
HMUA: Make Up by Georgia
Photographer: Freshminds Digital Photography

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