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In this industry of events, we used to deal with so many people / clients / couples and there are days na you used to tell your team "sana kagaya nalang nila palagi ang client natin." I know right. 

I've met Gino and Ethcel a year ago from our old shop in Big Ben. I remember they were very simple yet very charming. I believe they have a long colorful journey as bf-gfs and so happy to be part of this once in a lifetime union of love and happiness. Sharing these photos beautifully captured by Bliss and Berries. 

Location: The Heirloom Manila
Photographer: Bliss and Berries
HMUA: Miss Ayen

Where exactly is Heirloom Manila? 
The Heirloom, Manila is an ideal venue for classic and vintage-themed photo shoots. It is the perfect indoor and outdoor setting for your pre-nup, pre-debut, maternity, family portrait, trash the dress, fashion pictorial, and music video.
Back in the 1990s, Alex & Paz decided to leave their once peaceful neighborhood which had become too commercial for comfort. After months of searching, they finally found just the perfect place for a family home, in a small quiet neighborhood somewhere in Diliman, Quezon City.

What attracted them to the house, although built around the 70s, is its classic architecture and sturdy structure. The exterior is totally made of adobe, artfully accented with bricks and red “placa romana”, reminiscent of old Spanish villas.
Although the original structure has remained intact, the couple has successfully enhanced the classic character of the place. The house is now secured by intricately designed iron grills. For lighting, big decorative iron chandeliers, lamp posts and torches are installed at strategic nooks. Considering that the house stands on a lot, just a little over 400 square meters, its luxuriant foliage and picturesque landscape are a thing to marvel at.

On the outside, one gets the impression that the house is a small bungalow, only to find out once inside that it is actually a multi-level edifice built on a sloping terrain. The interior boasts of solid narra doors, panels and balustrades. Its arches and hallways are decorated with interesting art pieces. Here and there, one will find impressive replicas of masterpieces by Juan Luna, Van Gogh, and Picasso.


Among several unusual spots in the house, the following never fail to amaze the newcomer:
* A long, steep staircase lined with candelabras descends to a spacious basement. Here, an observant eye surely will not miss artistically crafted metal décor, recycled from junk by Alex himself. Strewn about the place are relics, antique furniture and family memorabilia.

* Under an adobe staircase is a huge dog cage that looks more like a dungeon. 

* An old spiral staircase stands in the garden that leads to nowhere.

* A loft over the dining area displays an array of “santos”, alongside a collection of Barbie dolls and accessories. 

* The entire edifice is surrounded by hanging gardens, luxuriant with organically grown decorative and edible plants.

This quaint but remarkable home, with its relics and fanciful art deco, is indeed a family heirloom worth keeping for generations to come. 

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