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(Photographed by Nelwin Uy)

Meet Agnes:) & his poging husband hehe - Please allow me to share these to you. grabbed all these photos from Agnes's Page hehe Thank you!



I started when I decided to DIY our wedding invitations and souvenirs.  It didn't come to me that I’m going to make a business out of it but my family and friends encouraged me because they liked my work and said it’s inert.  I remember when I was a child, I like cutting and gluing different colors of paper.  My mom used to scold me for not throwing out scraps of paper I used for my projects in school and I’m always quick to answer that I will have use for them in the future.  So now, I was able to apply this “creativity” on my children’s parties and luckily my sister-in-law is so keen on taking beautiful pictures of what I do.  I would, as most of us does, post them on facebook and get all these good comments and likes from friends and friends of friends.  Then one of them asked, “How much for a wedding invitation?”  Social networking helped a lot!

So far my biggest challenge would be that I had to say no to clients who want these designs that I don’t like.  I had to stick to my branding but I didn’t say no right away, of course.  I had to do it with much respect and care so as not to hurt their feelings.  People have their own tastes and I respect them believing that they should respect mine too.  To solve this, I do tons of research and match theirs to designs that were close or inspired to what they want, make drafts following my own taste and there we go, we now agree onto one!

My message to aspiring entrep like me, before you start your own business, make sure you have the heart for it.  You might not have enough knowledge about everything at the beginning.  You don’t need to be that smart.  But if you have the heart, you will be willing to learn, you will be inspired.  You will do things you didn’t think you can do. Have patience.  Sometimes, you won’t even get good profits but keep in mind that you shouldn’t sell for money alone, you should sell for your talent, for people to know that you’re good in this and that.  Good services are rare nowadays, and that’s where we should focus.  People will remember they liked you.  People will talk good things about you.  That’s unpaid advertising already xxx
- Agnes Bautista-Pingol, Owner/Crafter/Graphic Designer/Event Stylist

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