Monday, December 3, 2012


(photos before and after the marriage proposal - I was with the team choir and videographers)

Maikwento ko lang ang super nakakakilig na marriage proposal that happened almost 3 months ago.
I received an inquiry last Sept 9, 2012 - 

I was surprised to be honest coz for the very first time someone inquired for a marriage proposal. I have received 2 dog party inquiries pero marriage proposal eto palang. So i replied - What ideas do you have in mind - since technically hind ko sha kilala and im not sure if this is something serious.
So my client - replied thinking of having a proposal sa billboard - or dinner from a remote top of the mountain or sa movie house! hind ko kinaya! I know right. 
Although I wasn't able to check the movie house but i asked around - I told my client na mejo it will cost him a lot - since he'll be renting the whole movie house plus there'll be a lot of permits and restrictions too coz I remember when i was still working at my previous company - we rented one moviehouse/cinema from a Supermall and may time lang na binigay which was before the cinema opens 7am-11am. So we need to think of something else. 

It was a challenge for me at first since i really dont know these people.  I dont know bride-to-be, i didnt know my client personally so I was not so sure what to suggest - although I gave my personal ideas. Shempre mas maganda padin if manggagaling sa guy ang idea and legwork ung sakin para mas may personal touch and then until he came up with an idea, gave me a sample video inspired from youtube.

So I went to look for a choir and explained the thought of my client's marriage proposal and i wasnt expecting na mahirap humanap ng choir even dito lang sa Lipa. I went to Cathedrals and mga church/chapels - pero ang mga member ng choirs ay either working, still studying or cant commit - since sa pagsimba or pagsamba lang sila free to sing or may time magpractice. In fairness there was a list of choirs and most of them hind nagcommit. I waited most of the time for their schedule kasi since busy din sila i need to adjust. Until I came across Divina Amor Choir. 

I used to visit Redemptorist every Wednesday for Novena. Ang baet talaga ni lord kasi they said yes na kala ko hopeless na. And every Wednesday i used to wait for them until 7pm para makapagpractice sila after the mass and novena. Masaya din kasi I have met new people, new friends. Tapos mga taong simbahan pa. They used to tell schedule ng misa, schedule ng mga special mass esp pag feast ng mga saints.

Tapos until my client and i had an agreement kung sinong kukunin na Videographer.
My client and i used to communicate only with email so wala talaga akong idea kung sino sha. He just mentioned that his fiance was from here in Lipa and wala sha mashadong alam sa lugar and stuff. Nong una hind talaga ako maniwala na this is really happening. But when my client asked me to pick up the money/payment for the suppliers - don lang talaga nagsink-in na seryoso talaga si kuya! hehe
He was very discreet about this idea para suprise talaga. He'll be coming home after years to see his girlfriend - and super long distance relationship ang peg ng love story nila. I was really amazed to the highest level - kasi una hind sha madali pero it can happen and last if you just believe and commit. Parang at the back of my mind I was also thankful that I dont have to experience that long distance relationship with my husband.

And so finally, he arrived in the country and he arrived in Lipa. He called me and I have met him for the very first time at Cafe De Lipa. Nong tumawag sha, after hearing his voice - parang hind gwapo ni kuya (sorry mejo judgmental ako ng konti hahaha) but when I finally met him - I was surprised - my client was handsome/goodlooking/gwapo!!!! hahahaha. Ang gwapo ni kuya!!! in all fairness. And at the back of my mind - ang swerte naman nong girl. Yes. He was very polite. He was very kind. And alm mong napalaki ng tama ng magulang.

The day (big day) came - we went to Starbucks as planned, we came early para no one can occupy our seats haha - of course we didnt rent the Starbucks or something. Customer kami for that day. That very day. We waited for mga almost 2 hours for the couple to arrive then everything is history.
Sharing this video and it was indeed a lovely day. 

Blog from the bride to be -
Video by Play Productions

Im sure we felt the same thing. Hindi makamove on sa video hahahaha! As pinay/babae - we're always dreaming of our prince charming/knight and shining amor to come. Sucker tayo ng mga romantic stuff - may it be a novel or movie or anything na nakakakilig and thinking na sana mangyari din satin un. We all have our own love stories, i'm sure but may proposal man or wala, basta happy ka/happy kayo together as a couple and if you feel that the love that you have is panghabangbuhay - keri na! wink pero i also wish all the single ladies out there to have their marriage proposal moment too, I'm sure you all deserve it! Cheers!!!

I would like to acknowledge the efforts and talents of Divina Amor Choir and the Videographers :)

You were all powerful! Kudos! and maraming salamat po :)

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