Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sorry for the nth time because I was busyyy, I wasnt able to blog. Now, that I was cleaning my mailbox, here's what I got. The letter I received a couple of months back-

To my beshies in the whole world, it has been what? 4 years with you and walang kasawaan. Never!
We met and joined together as our interests are common and our talents and hopes intertwined.

I don’t know what to write as my tears are clouding my vision …grabe seriously now.

Cha – relax, if you can’t then buy stuff LOL.  I know that’s your therapy and then rant n lang after you reciv the bills.  Life’s just like that, it’s how we deal with it that matters.  I love you forever. Moment natin sa SB like OMG. Lablab forever
Rey – keep your cool, and don’t overstress youself too much and overthink and overkill coz it’s OA na!
Will miss you forever.  Lablab forever!

Be the best ok, and if time’s not that good, still stand out, please lang and don’t you ever quit.  Look out for each other – don’t be that busy to forget coz if one is important no day is too busy, no work is too strenuous, no time is too short.
Remember – the words that I coined before “we will never quit, we are not quitters”.  Please do this for me.  Continue and march on.
I will not boast my leadership or management skills but will look directly to the people that I’ve worked and developed and then they can judge me.  I don’t have that process improvement plans that were executed nor any action plans that hugely impacted the business but I am proud and will always holler (charot) the people that I have worked with and people I have influenced, like you.  Proud that you have became TL for Rey, TA Sr. Specialist  for Cha and I was never wrong in choosing you as my best friends – super proud pa rin ako.

To my favorite frenemy – labyu u know that and forever will – Charris
To Rey

You know how I love you both, missin you soooo badly!
Jeffwar314 J


My workplace is not the same without you in it. You know that. You left me.
I'm sure you're going to kill me for posting all our vintage photos, oh well. Memories.
I miss you and will always miss you - you know that. You're one of the greatest mentors and I thank you!