Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Weekend with SCB - Sunday Couple Brunch (with Mike, myself, Alice and Jerome) as we quote. 
& so I went to see Alyz in her condo unit in Ortigas - was lost because I wasn't able to get the directions correctly - from Robinsons Galleria tumawid tapos dalawang kanto un na! - Yes, I ran across (literal tumatakbo sa pagtawid, takot maipit lol) Robinsons Galleria then turned right then inikot ang kahabaan ng Ortigas Park. LOL Finally, I landed to the place where I belong - Alyz & Jerome's condominium/building and I have found Alyz sitting in front of the mirror at her favorite salon - madam na madam. bwahahaha. The beautiful Alyz. The bangs. She bangs. hihi
& so we waited for Mike, who came from TandangSora that day - took a bath and then left - had our lunch at Galleria but prior to going to Robinsons, we visited The Podium for my lucky planner however it was not available so I asked Ate if she can call Megamall for stocks - which I got eventually. We had our lunch at Bonchon Chicken, had Chapchae; Mike ate at Mexicali - his favorite.

Now, since I have a new project (soon) - we went to Megamall to pick up my planner and went to Pioneer. After we went to Greenhills but we stopped over at Ronarc Art Center first then went to the shopping center. We ate at Crystal Jade's! Super sarap! I was actually still full that time since wala pang 7pm kakain na naman si Alyz at Mike. haha! We had a great time with SCB. Always have. We went home after - but we had some coffee and desserts too at Vignette in Ortigas Park. The place Ortigas was named after a wealthy family, Ortigas which parang sila ang may-ari ng Ortigas, literal - because they owned some big properties in that certain area and more. 

Finally, gabi na. gabing gabi na, we all slept- nakatulugan na namin ang mga kwento ni Alyz. Yes - super dami nyang kwento pero nasa bahay lang sha doing her shoe business.
Morning after - we had spam and eggs and corned beef - na niluto ni Alyz - very good. then left for Lipa. Thank you!!!
Yes, we (Mike & I) missed home.