Saturday, October 15, 2011


I'm back. Sorry been out and lazy these days.
One of the recent highlights of Chalebrations this month was the Jurassic Park Inspired Party which happened last Oct 1 in Bunggo, Calamba City. When we first went there we didnt know that it was that far and bukidin but it was all worth it. It was one of my favorite events and one of my favorite clients. The event was 7th birthday and the kid was from UK, which the family just got back and needed a party coordinator. The young boy sounded British or English. hahaha! I mean the kid sounded really polite and nice all the time. His name is Von and what I like about this young boy is, he knows what he wants. He's into dinosaurs and dragons so the parents decided to have one. It was really amazing. The family was really nice to us in all fairness especially Miss Nova, Von's mom. Miss Nova mentioned the hardships abroad and the life they have experienced there and that brought lessons to me. Actually, kamuka nya si Gladys Reyes in all fairness from the pictures I have gathered when I made the AVP. We were so blessed that even if there was a storm/typhoon coming on that day - God really waited for the party to end, then he showered rain after. Lucky us. It was a happy birthday indeed. We were able to do the 7's 7's and the production numbers and Von was able to wear his dino-costume. The balloons were fantastic! Of course - the dinosaur standees were the best! We will definitely miss the family - especially Miss Nova, Von and Aaron! xxx